Backyard Wildlife Habitats

As part of the National Wildlife Federation certification process, Johns Creek must have a minimum of 200 backyards certified as wildlife habitats. Certification is a simple process. 

For certification, the area needs to have components on the property to create a wildlife friendly backyard: provide food for wildlife (berries, flowers, bird feeders, etc), supply water for wildlife (such as a stream or birdbath), create cover for wildlife (evergreens, dense shrubs, wooded areas, etc), give wildlife a place to raise their young (trees, bushes, birdhouses, etc), and let your yard go green (limit watering, use mulch, plant native plants, etc). Many yards in our area will qualify without any additional effort, and some will only need to add a water source such as a bird bath or shallow bowl filled with water. Giving up one’s lawn service is not a requirement, but everyone will benefit from learning about the importance of planting native plants and removing invasive species, as well as utilizing sustainable gardening practices such as conserving water and reducing chemical pesticides. After obtaining all of the requirements on the attached list, the backyard can be certified by filling out an application. You can either send in an application to the National Wildlife Federation (click here for the printable application) or fill out the application online (click here for the online application). For steps to help you certify your property, please click on the sign below.

Once certified you will receive a certificate from the National Wildlife Federation, membership to the NWF, a subscription to their magazine, and a form if you would like to order a beautiful metal sign to place in your yard or on your home designating your yard as a NWF Backyard Wildlife Habitat.

You can also use the same application to certify your neighborhood common areas. Most neighborhood common areas in Johns Creek can be easily NWF certified according to this same process, and the designation is a benefit to all homeowners by showcasing the natural beauty of their neighborhood. Please share a copy of this application with everyone in your neighborhood. Once a common area is certified, a certificate from the National Wildlife Federation will be sent to you with a form so you can order a beautiful metal sign that can be placed at the common area designating your neighborhood as a National Wildlife Federation Certified Wildlife Habitat. Some area neighborhoods have even had their own larger signs made displaying the name of their neighborhood and the NWF Wildlife Habitat certification.