Community Wildlife Habitat Program

A Community Wildlife Habitat provides habitat for wildlife throughout the community - in individual backyards, on school grounds, and in public areas such as parks, community gardens, places of worship, and businesses. A Community Wildlife Habitat is also a place where the residents make it a priority to provide habitat for wildlife by providing the four basic elements wildlife need: food, water, cover and places to raise young. The program educates residents about maintaining natural areas and using sustainable gardening practices by sponsoring community events and workshops on topics such as building a wildlife garden, planting native trees and plants, and water conservation. 

There are currently only 60 National Wildlife Federation certified Community Wildlife Habitats in the U.S., including Johns Creek. Johns Creek is only the 2nd community in Georgia, after Chamblee. Click here to see which national communities are registered and certified.

The city of Johns Creek is an excellent fit for this program, as our community has many existing public and private areas that provide the elements needed to sustain wildlife, and enjoys strong community support to sustain its natural environment. Not only will this benefit Johns Creek, it will benefit your neighborhood and our schools. Johns Creek is a unique and beautiful community filled with many naturally occurring wildlife habitat areas, and we want to preserve these areas and our birds and wildlife. Many local backyards and schools are already certified by NWF, and neighborhoods, businesses and places of worship will also be participating. We hope you will chose to participate in this program and support the Johns Creek community.