Project Background

Spring 2010:
8th grader Malcolm Barnard researched the National Wildlife Federation (NWF) and their Community Wildlife Habitat program as his IMPACT (Influencing My Peers And Changing Tomorrow) Project in his Language Arts class at Autrey Mill Middle School. After the school project was completed, he decided this NWF program would be great for the young city of Johns Creek to preserve its green spaces as the city develops. He then contacted the National Wildlife Federation and met with members of the Johns Creek government to try to bring this program to the city of Johns Creek. Malcolm formed a Wildlife Team with volunteers in the Johns Creek community and applied for certification status to officially start the project with the National Wildlife Federation. 

Johns Creek is now the 60th certified National Wildlife Federation Community Wildlife Habitat in the nation and 2nd in Georgia.  The Wildlife Team has organized numerous wildlife gardening and sustainability workshops and established community events  such as Johns Creek Family Earth Day celebrations. They helped certify over 200 homes, all 18 public schools and public areas such as the Johns Creek Community Garden and the Johns Creek Greenway, as well as neighborhoods and businesses. The project continues to encourage residents to certify their backyards and participate in community workshops and events.